Pamela Gubbels, Director of Finance & Investments

BudgetThe mission of the Budget Office is to prepare the County's budget for the fiscal year as a readable, informative and accurate forecast of the County's projected revenues and expenditures.

  • The Budget Office annually prepares a proposed county budget to fairly and reasonably apportion the County's resources to accomplish its duties and responsibilities, and presents the proposed budget to the Commissioners Court for advise and approval.
  • The Budget Office uses departmental budget requests and the County Auditor's revenue estimates to analyze and apportion the County's resources to best accomplish the County's goals.
  • The Budget Office tracks and monitors the performance of county departments in meeting their budget goals.
  • The Budget Officer also advises the Commissioners Court in ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of County operations.
  • The Budget Office is responsible for the overall comprehensive planning of county operations, including preparing and updating the County's Long Term Comprehensive Plan.

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